Thinking Like an End User

I am getting ready to deliver a website product that I have been working on for Massachusetts HOSA. Because I’ve been working on the development of the website for the past couple of months, I am familiar with where to find everything. Once the product is delivered, however, it will be updated and maintained by Massachusetts HOSA. While I would be perfectly happy to continue helping out with the website as needed, I would like to minimize the need for my involvement by making the website as self-sustaining as possible.

In previous blog posts, I already outlined the setup of automatic backups. This makes me feel much better about enabling automatic updates for the WordPress installation. With automatic upgrades enabled, the site will be kept secure and up to date as WordPress and plugin or theme developers release new versions. I would be weary of allowing automatic updates if I was unsure of whether or not there were current backups because of the possibility of an update breaking the site. Occasionally there are incompatibilities between different plugin/WordPress version combinations, or simply bugs in a release that could make the site unstable. In case of such a scenario, having a recent backup that can quickly be rolled back to is essential.

The second part of making the site self-sustaining is to write documentation for the use of this specific WordPress installation. While WordPress is already extremely well documented, this vast documentation can sometimes be difficult to navigate efficiently. I would like to pick and choose the essentials to include in a slimmed-down version of documentation to provide to MassHOSA as a guide for the maintenance and updating of the website. This documentation will include guides for use of the WordPress platform, use of the various plugins that are installed, and also references to the locations of various resources such as backups and styling files.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that working on this project has granted me. While I may have had some prior experience building WordPress websites, this was quite different. I got a much better idea of the various stages of a design project and experience working directly with stakeholders to turn specifications into a working, real-world implementation.